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Flexibound $34.95


New Mexico Poetry Anthology 2023 is an "ode and homage to nuestra querencia, our beloved homeland." Two hundred original, previously unpublished poems explore themes such as community, culture, history, identity, landscape, and water.


Spiral Binding $15.95



Don J. Usner, Author

Trim: 8" x 8"

Pages: 120

Illustrations: 60

© 2023

This best-selling desk calendar is the perfect gift for everyone who loves New Mexico! The calendar features the work of more than forty of New Mexico's best-known photographers, creating a handy datebook of beautiful color and black-and-white images as they capture the variety and diversity of New Mexico, its landscapes, people, and experiences. The week-at-a-glance format provides space for appointments or notes on the right-hand side for each day of the week, accompanied by a list of special events taking place around the state.


Paperback $29.95

New Mexico's Living Landscapes

A Roadside View

William W. Dunmire, Author
Christine Bauman, Photographer

Trim: 11" x 8.5"

Pages: 136

Illustrations: 139 color photographs

Folklore/Folk Arts



© 2012

This colorful book explains the natural elements of the six eco-regions of New Mexico and directs travelers to some of their more interesting features.


Jacketed Hardcover $50.00

No Idle Hands

The Myths & Meanings of Tramp Art

Laura M. Addison, Editor & Contributor

Trim: 11" x 9.75"

Pages: 264

Illustrations: 141 color plates, 41 figures

Folk Art

Art History

Wood Carving

© 2017

Tramp art describes a particular type of wood carving practiced in the United States and Europe between the 1880s and 1940s in which discarded cigar boxes and fruit crates were notched and layered to make a variety of domestic objects. These were primarily boxes and frames in addition to small private altars, crosses, wall pockets, clock cases, plant stands, and even furniture. Whittling objects such as chains and ball-in-cage whimsies was a common hobby—including among rail-riding “hobos”—and for many years “tramp art” was believed to have been made by these itinerants as well. Although this notion has been widely dispelled, the name has stuck. In recent years efforts have been made to identify makers by name and reveal their stories. While some examples of tramp art may be attributed to itinerants, this carving style was more commonly a practice of working-class men creating functional objects for their households.


Hardcover $16.95

No More Bullies!/¡No Más Bullies!

Owl in a Straw Hat 2

Rudolfo Anaya, Author
Enrique R. Lamadrid , Spanish Translator

Trim: 8.5" x 11"

Pages: 36

Illustrations: 12 color illustrations

Children's Fiction


© 2019

The adventures and lessons continue in this second book featuring Ollie Tecolote—the Owl in a Straw Hat. Chicano storyteller Rudolfo Anaya tackles the subject of school bullying in this magical fairy tale presented in English and Spanish, side-by-side.


Paperback $29.95

Nuevo México Profundo

Rituals of an Indo-Hispano Homeland

Miguel Gandert, Photographer

Trim: 10.5" x 10"

Pages: 176

Illustrations: 130 duotones




© 2000

130 photographs of sacred rituals and dances of the mestizo peoples of the upper Rio Grande in New Mexico.


Jacketed Hardcover $39.95

Oblique Views

Aerial Photography and Southwest Archaeology

Charles A Lindbergh, Photographer
Anne Morrow Lindbergh, photographer
Adriel Heisey, photographer
Maxine E McBrinn, Editor

Trim: 9 7/8" x 11"

Pages: 124

Illustrations: 60


In 1927, the year that Charles A. Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic Ocean, another revolution was happening on the ground. A group of young archaeologists was forging an area of study centered on the ancient Southwest. Aviation and archaeology merged when Alfred V. Kidder, of the Carnegie Institution, hired Lindbergh to photograph the sites from an airplane. Lindbergh’s aerial survey of the Four Corners and Upper Rio Grande, made with Anne Morrow Lindbergh at the controls and, possibly, photographing some of the sites, were the first low-angle views of the vast, interconnected ancient landscape. The Lindbergh documentation of the sites remains a valuable historic record of the northern Southwest plateau. Ninety years later, noted aerial photographer Adriel Heisey has been commissioned by Archaeology Southwest, an organization dedicated to preservation archaeology, to re-photograph the ancient sites exactly as Lindbergh did. The juxtaposition of thirty black-and-white remastered Lindbergh images and thirty contemporary color images, provides a fascinating survey of the area over nearly a century allowing a unique view of the multi-layered, cultural landscape of the American Southwest over time.


Jacketed Hardcover $39.95

Of God and Mortal Men

T.C. Cannon

Ann E. Marshall, Editor
Diana F. Pardue, Editor
N. Scott Momaday, Essayist

Trim: 11.5" x 9.75"

Pages: 136

Illustrations: 40 color plates, 4 duotones, 7 drawings

Native American Art

Fine Art

© 2017

Of God and Mortal Men conveys the artistic genius of T.C. Cannon (1946–1978) through his best and most iconic paintings—nine major canvases from the Nancy and Richard Bloch Collection—and essays that offer a fresh and inclusive look at Cannon’s work extending beyond the confines of American Indian art.


Flexibound $40

Old Santa Fe Today

A History & Tour of Historic Properties

Audra Bellmore, Author

Trim: 8" x 10.75"

Pages: 288

Illustrations: 173 color & 82 black-and-white photographs, 8 maps


Historic Preservation


© 2022

Old Santa Fe Today is an engaging read about Santa Fe’s architecture, history, and important figures through its culturally significant properties, among them churches, government buildings, and homes. The book also serves as a walking tour guide for locals and visitors wanting to sightsee. Originally published in 1966, Old Santa Fe Today has been used by writers and scholars exploring the history and architectural significance of Santa Fe. With new essays updating the 1991 fourth edition, this fifth edition of the classic reference book also has a complete inventory of properties—now approximately one hundred—including those recently added to the Historic Santa Fe Foundation’s “Register of Properties Worthy of Preservation” since 1961. Each property entry includes revised and expanded narratives on its architecture, history, and ownership, providing social and cultural context as well.


Paperback $25.00

Old Traditions in New Pots

Silver Seed Pots from the Norman L. Sandfield Collection

Tricia D. Loscher, Author
Norman L. Sandfield, Author

Trim: 10.25" x 8.25"

Pages: 144

Illustrations: 240 color illustrations

Folklore/Folk Arts

American Indians

© 2007

The work of over seventy native artists who create miniature silver seed pots is presented in this publication.


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