Museum of New Mexico Press


Jewish Pioneers of New Mexico

Tomas Jaehn, Editor

Following European unrest, immigration to America for European Jews flourished in the nineteenth century. This book highlights the drama that unfolded for these young Jewish merchants, tradesmen, and in cases, laborers, who were linked in their homeland through a web of intermarriage and who built successfully on their cultural relationships to become among some of New Mexico's most prominent, productive citizens.


"The history of New Mexico Jewry, in many ways, mirrors that of the other hardy Jews, mostly immigrants, who braved untold hardships to stake out a living in the 19th century American West. The photography, art, and overall design of the book are all superb, presenting an ample and justified tribute to a truly fascinating community."
-Intermountain Jewish News

Trim: 12" x 9"

Pages: 112

Illustrations: 150 black-and-white photographs

Folklore/Folk Arts

New Mexico

Jewish Studies


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