Museum of New Mexico Press


Arthur Amiotte

Collages 1988-2006

Janet Catherin Berlo, Author

Arthur Amiotte is one of the most renowned Native American artists working today. This book focuses on his collage series, which he began in 1988. By combining historic drawings, family photographs, advertising circulars, and other imagery, Amiotte illustrates the pluralistic and richly textured lives of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century Native people, providing a penetrating portrait of more than a century of Lakota history, narrated and visualized from a Native point of view. Amiotte undercuts one-dimensional stereotypes of Indian identity, and presents work that is inventive, humorous, melancholy, witty, profound, and philosophical.

Pages: 108

Illustrations: 57 color & 2 black-and-white illustrations

Native American

Art History

Art Criticism


Paperbound $25