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No More Bullies!/¡No Más Bullies!

Owl in a Straw Hat 2

Rudolfo Anaya, Author
Enrique R. Lamadrid , Spanish Translator

The adventures and lessons continue in this second book featuring Ollie Tecolote—the Owl in a Straw Hat. Chicano storyteller Rudolfo Anaya tackles the subject of school bullying in this magical fairy tale presented in English and Spanish, side-by-side. Jackie Jackalope is missing from class and the teacher (Ollie’s Nana) gets to the bottom of it. The kids have been teasing Jackie about her horns and she has run away. A contrite Ollie and Uno the Unicorn, both guilty of teasing, volunteer to find Jackie and bring her back to school. Their journey to Pot of Gold Land begins when they have to face three guardians of the Dark Forest: La Llorona, El Kookoóee, and Skeleton Woman. Next, the Golden Carp allows them to cross Rainbow Bridge after they answer a riddle. When they reach Jackie they apologize for bullying her. Ollie and Jackie hop on Uno’s back for the ride back to Wisdom School.

Trim: 8.5" x 11"

Pages: 36

Illustrations: 12 color illustrations

Children's Fiction



Hardcover $16.95