Museum of New Mexico Press


Santa Fe

Gene Peach, Photographer
Christine Mather, Author

The pulse of Santa Fe, bursting with color and creativity, is depicted in this photographic homage to the City Different. Gene Peach has been photographing Santa Fe for twenty-five years, observing its changes, its traditions and constancy, the vibrancy of its people and celebrations, its natural beauty and style. Summer is the heart of Santa Fe—a kaleidoscope of activity centered downtown on the plaza. Lowriders cruise in their mobile works of art; Native American vendors display their handmade jewelry, pottery, and other traditional arts under the Palace portal; local musicians rock the bandstand for dancing locals. As an art center, Santa Fe is unrivaled; Canyon Road with its cornucopia of galleries; Indian, Spanish, and International Folk Art markets highlight the finest indigenous art and crafts in the world; world-class opera and chamber music fill the summer nights. Autumn is harvest time for red chile, apples, and an array of homegrown festivities kicked off by Fiestas and the burning of Zozobra. Winter brings upland snows to rooftops brightened with the farolitos of Christmas and holiday traditions. Spring observes Holy week pilgrimage and then bursts into color as the acequias begin to run.

Trim: 10" x 11"

Pages: 160

Illustrations: 150 color photographs


New Mexico


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