Museum of New Mexico Press


Sole Mates

Cowboy Boots and Art

Joseph Traugott, Author

Cowboy boots are examined as markers of western life, as works of art, and subjects of works of art. The author has selected stellar examples of boots made by skilled and famous boot makers to offer a counterpoint to the "fine art" more typically considered.


"In beautiful reproductions, Traugott presents us with the work of Frederick Remington, Charles M. Russell, and others whose oeuvres were crucial to the development of the American popular culture persona of the cowboy Sole Mates serves as a thought-provoking exploration of the ways in which contemporary art re-envisions interpretations of the West that continue to permeate our culture."
-Montana: The Magazine of Western History

Trim: 9" x 10"

Pages: 124

Illustrations: 96 color and 70 black-and-white photographs


American West/Southwest


Cloth $34.95