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Artists of New Mexico Traditions

The National Heritage Fellows

Michael Pettit, Author

New Mexico represents a unique artistic heritage that has evolved from a long and complex history and cross-cultural influences. Since 1982, fifteen New Mexico artists have been named National Heritage Fellows, the most from any state, and were recognized for their contributions to the nation's traditional arts heritage. From the first honoree to the most recent recipient, the artists have distinguished themselves through a lifetime of achievement, innovation, and mastering of their craft. Pettit draws from the lives of these New Mexico artists, among them potters, weavers, storytellers, and musicians, through interviews with living artists, family members, curators, and others discussing their lives and their art. From these interviews we began to see the villages, extended families, and traditions that are a constant in the lives of the artists.

Trim: 9.5" x 7.25"

Pages: 176

Illustrations: 28 color and 19 black-and-white images


New Mexico



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