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Searching for: Tradition

Old Traditions in New Pots

Silver Seed Pots from the Norman L. Sandfield Collection

Tricia D. Loscher, Author
Norman L. Sandfield, Author
© 2007

Maiolica Olé

Spanish and Mexican Decorative Traditions Featuring the Collection of the Museum of International Folk Art

Florence C. Lister, Author
Robert H. Lister, Author
© 2001

Artists of New Mexico Traditions

The National Heritage Fellows

Michael Pettit, Author
© 2012

Indian Basketmakers of the Southwest

The Living Art and Fine Tradition

Larry Dalrymple, Author
© 2000

Traditional Arts of Spanish New Mexico

The Hispanic Heritage Wing at the Museum of International Folk Art

Robin Farwell Gavin, Author
© 1994

Timeless Textiles

Traditional Pueblo Arts 1840-1940

Tyrone D. Campbell, Author
© 2003

Rudolfo Anaya's The Farolitos of Christmas

With “Season of Renewal” and “A Child’s Christmas in New Mexico, 1944”

Rudolfo Anaya, Author

Modern by Tradition

American Indian Painting in the Studio Style

Bruce Bernstein, Author
© 1999

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