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Searching for: Religion

Spirit Ascendant

The Art and Life of Patrocino Barela

Edward Gonzales, Author
David L. Witt, Author
© 1996

Light in the Desert

Photographs from the Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Tony O'Brien, Photographer
Christopher Merrill, Essayist
© 2011

Faith and Transformation

Votive Offerings and Amulets from the Alexander Girard Collection

Doris Francis, Author
Paul Smutko, Photographer
© 2007


Connections in Spanish Colonial Art

Carmella Padilla, Author
Donna Pierce, Author
© 2002


Votive Offerings from the Americas

Martha Egan, Author
© 1991

Viva Guadalupe!

The Virgin in New Mexican Popular Art

Jacqueline Orsini Dunnington, Author
© 1997


Our Lady of New Mexico

Jacqueline Orsini Dunnington, Author
© 1999

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