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  • Valles Caldera

    A New Vision for New Mexico's National Preserve

    About 1.25 million years ago, a spectacular volcanic eruption created the 13-mile wide circular depression now known as the Valles Caldera, located in northern New Mexico. This revised & expanded edition marks the twentieth anniversary of the Valles Caldera Preservation Act, a visionary piece of legislation that transferred to the public domain a ... more

  • Albuquerque Museum Art Collection

    Common Ground

    The broad range of works in the Albuquerque Museum's permanent art collection reflects the diversity, creativity, and innovation of New Mexico's artistic legacy. This guidebook highlights masterworks in the collection spanning centuries including contemporary art and photography, sculpture, jewelry, early and contemporary Hispanic religious art, ... more

  • Pueblo Chico

    Land and Lives in Galisteo since 1814

    In her second book on Galisteo, New Mexico, cultural historian Lucy R. Lippard writes about the place she has lived for a quarter century. The history of a place she refers to as Pueblo Chico (little town) is based largely on other people’s memories―those of the descendants of the original settlers in the early 1800s, heirs of the Spanish ... more

  • Yokai

    Ghosts, Demons & Monsters of Japan

    The Japanese word, “yōkai” refers to a range of supernatural beings such as ghosts, demons, monsters, shapeshifters, tricksters, and other strange kinds of creatures. Yōkai also refers to peculiar entities (or presences), weird or unexplainable phenomena, and the visual depiction of these ideas. The book introduces readers to Japan’s ... more

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